Astral Convergence

About Astral Convergence

Astral Convergence started as a small group of streamers trying to find anything genuine within the vast pools of fake within the streaming and online world. They strived to create a community where anyone and everyone could feel welcome so long as they respected one basic rule, kindness above all else. Here at AC, we boast a diverse home that doesn't see your gender identity, skin tone, sexual preferences, or personal beliefs, but rather we choose to see the amazing person that is you. We believe all of our streamers and gamers bring something different to the table and that is their uniqueness. We seek to help every streamer flourish in the way that they decide they need, even if it's not how anyone else does. AC is all about helping streamers build and grow while still providing a cozy place to call home when you get off a busy day's work. Whether you're a part-time or full-time streamer, gamer, e-sports player, or viewer, you're welcome here!